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Are you a fan of genuine, unique antique furniture? Well you are at the right place. Welcome to SW Antiques! As you may have noticed there are countless websites offering equally attractive antique furniture. So what makes us different? Here is why you need to talk to us.

>Wide selection of high quality antique furniture

>An array of licensed, professional sellers

>Genuine, accurate appraisals of your collection

Here is the deal

We all want to change a few things in the house every once in a while. What other better way to bring in a touch of your style than with a unique antique? What’s more original than a vintage?

Finding the perfect piece to complement your décor is not always as easy as you would wish it to be. Although sorting through various designs can be fun, it can be exasperating not to find one that suits your preferences. It is especially frustrating if you have already been to countless flea markets and local auctions. This is where we come in to make your work easy and fun. And you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home!

Quick Pointers When Buying Antique Furniture

Our collection is comprised of high quality furniture. But don’t take our word for it; we will give you a quick guide against which you can check out products. When they pass the test, and they sure will, you can always make your pick. And if you do not find a piece that suit your tastes, which is unlikely, we will help you look for it elsewhere in a wide network of antique sellers. Here are the guidelines for buying antique furniture.

Check the Quality

Most antiques are solid wood, handmade, intricate designs made by amazingly talented artisans. Most of these items bears the signature (or brand) of the designer or artisan.  Therefore, search for the brands that you like. You will find that today there are countless fake, mass-produced items with distressed finished mimicking aged furniture. Therefore, always try to find the artisan’s stamp, label, and signature, and pay attention to the workmanship of the piece you want to buy. Be on the look out!

Check for Damage

Keep in mind that damaged furniture are likely to cost a fortune in repairs. While regular wear and tear are expected since they are timeless pieces, you need not buy anything whose damage does not render the piece malfunctioned.

Decide On Repairs, Replacements and Refinished Furniture

Repairs usually mean that the original furniture piece has been fixed back while replacements mean an entirely new piece has been used. It is also important to decide whether you want a piece in its original finishes (even if time has made it a tad shabby) or you wouldn’t mind a refinish. Original finishes maybe a tad crazed on the surface and have slightly cracked vanish. Refinished furniture is bright and shining.

Are you looking for anything specific? If you would like some help in finding your preferred item, call us on 01632 960 458 and we are at your service. If you can’t seem to find the right dealer, we will give you access to our range of genuine dealers.


This is by far the best collection of antiques I have ever seen! It is very easy to navigate, and the staff are quite helpful. I had my Victorian chairs delivered in record time!
Grace Osborne


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I came across SW Antiques when looking for a particular piece for my collection. I couldn’t find it on the catalogue and the dealer promised to look for it on their other networks. Within hours, I had been given feedback on its availability! Thank you!
Bailey Field

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